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R.M.S TitanicEdit


Titanic 2010 Render
object type:ship
Name Titanic
Rank meter: Passenger
Type Ocean Liner
Offered: Ship Simulator 2006, Ship Simulator 2008, Ship Simulator 2010 Extremes
Add-on vessel? No.

The RMS Titanic is a vessel which has appeared in Ship Simulator 2006 and Ship Simulator 2008.


The rms

Titanic was modeled by the Titanic Enthusiaist, Jason De Donno. The fine 3Ds Max model has a huge amount of detail. During the development of SS2008, the Titanic recieved more updates and more details, such as the 2nd Class entrance. The clear fact is, however, that no more updates will be added to the ship, because otherwise it will be too complex. The model contains so many polygons that any more added content will make it unplayable. Many players have already reported that the Titanic does not appear when they choose to sail it.

Titanic in Ship Simulator 2006Edit

SchiffSim2006 2009-01-04 01-07-34

Titanic in SS2006

Titanic in Ship Simulator 2008Edit

Titanic made a return in Ship Simulator 2008 due to the huge amount of fans it had gained the game. Many differences were made to make Titanic even better, such as the Second Class entrance. The ship, however, has been the core reason of many arguments in the Shipsim Community. There are currently many bugs on the ship, and allthough they are barely noticable, they have been leading to conflict.
Ship Simulator Extremes!

Ship Simulator 2010 ExtremesEdit

Titanic, as of the initial release of Ship Simulator Extremes, did not return; however, Vstep's Chief Marketing Officer Frank Dolmans stated that the ship would more than likely return in an add-on for the game. This has yet to be confirmed, and there is a chance the ship will not be released.

Titanic wheelhousy

Titanic's navigation bridge

RMS TitanicEdit

The model is based on a real Olympic class ocean liner. In 1912, the RMS Titanic tragically sank after hitting an iceberg along with around 1500 lives taken on April 15, 1912. 706 people survived, in a total of 20 lifeboats. However, they were not to their full capacity and could have carried much more people. After much drifting, the survivors were rescued by the Carpathia in the early morning and were transported to New York, which was the late Titanic's destination.

Scond class

The second class "entrance" in Ship Simulator

Titanic's BridgeEdit

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