Ship Simulator 2008
Ship Simulator 2008
Preceeded by: Ship Simulator 2006
Suceeded by: Ship Simulator Extremes
Release date: July 13, 2007
Company: Vstep
Publishers: Lighthouse Interactive
Distributors: Lighthouse Interactive
Game Engine: Quest 3D
Genre: Vehicle Simulation
Icon: Icon
Usflag USD: $20.99
Gbflag GBP: £14.21
Euflag EUR: €16.99
No. of ships: 14
No. of Environments: 15
Modes: Single player, Multiplayer or mission
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1GB for 2000 and XP, 2GB for Vista
Graphics Card: GeForce 5900 or ATI 9600 Pro / X600, 128MB memory
Audio Devices: A Sound Card
Imput controller: Mouse with scroll wheel and Keyboard
Other Available controlers: Joystick, Joypad, Steering wheel or Ship Control Unit


Ship Simulator 2008 is a realistic 3D simulation by VSTEP. Released in 2007, is the sequal to Ship Simulator 2006, and succeeded by Ship Simulator 2010 Extremes. It was published and distributed to Germany, England and the Netherlands on the 13th of July. This version of the games comes in many languages. When brought, the game comes in Version 1.0. Bugs and glitches are fixed in patches now downloadable at After the games release, there have been many add-ons featureing new ships and environments compatible with the game. The most notable is Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons which adds 8 new ships and 1 new environment to the game. Other add-ons include Ship Simulator 2008 add-on1, and also the vessels downloadable at The Shipyard. Furthermore, a Ship Simulator 2008 Collectors Edition is now available combining Both Ship Simulator 2008 and Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons to a 1-disc game.


Ship Simulator 2008, released on July 13 2007, contained 16 ships, 7 highly detailed environments (or ports) and 8 open sea environments. However, as new Patches and add-ons have been published, the size of the 2008 fleet has grown considerably from 16 to 30 ships, each varying in purpose. The following ships are all the vessels you can obtain on Ship Simulator 2008.

Ships Type First appeard in
RMS Titanic Ocean Liner SS08
Red Jet 4 Fast Ferry SS08
Red Eagle Car Ferry SS08
ADF Vermaas Container Vessel SS08
VLCC Latitude Oil Tanker SS08
Arie Visser Lifeboat SS08
Pioneer Pilot Boat SS08
Tugboat Tugboat SS08
RPA 12 Incident Response vessel SS08
VSTP 7 Water Taxi SS08
Pride of Rotterdam Cruiseferry SS08
Fairmount Sherpa Anchor Handling tugboat SS08
Powerboat Powerboat SS08
P6 Harbour patrol boat SS08
Hydrojet Jetski Patch V1.1
Freedom 90 Hovercraft Patch V1.1
Northern Star Fishing Vessel New Horizons
Ocean Star Cruise ship New Horizons
Agile Solution Multi-purpose freighter New Horizons
Igor K Russian Tugboat New Horizons
Bugsier 2 Azimuth tractor tug New Horizons
Herkules Atlas Pushboat New Horizons
Portoferraio Angel 1930's Historical Luxury Yacht New Horizons
Marbella Delight Modern speed yacht New Horizons
Jumbo Javelin Heavy Crane lift ship The Shipyard
Elbe Old Historical Tugboat The Shipyard
Furie Steam powerd oceangoing tugboat The Shipyard
Wachthaven III Inland Cargo ship The Shipyard
Selsey I Sailing Yacht The Shipyard
Selsey II Small Cargo ship The Shipyard


To install Ship Simulator 2008, follow the instructions below.

System RequirementsEdit

Unlike Ship Simulator 2006, Ship simulator 2008 is compatible with Windows 2000 and the Millenium Edition, and also Windows Vista. Although the system requirements do not imply, SS08 is also compatible with the 64bit version of Windows 7. 32bit users can also run the compatibility troubleshooter to install the game. (This is not gauranteed). Vista requires atleast 2GB free space. Ship Simulator 2008 will not work on any Operating system below Windows 2000. (Windows 98, 95 etc.)


SS08 comes with a License Key which can be found on the back of the users manual, found inside the case. The License Key MUST be entered when prompted after the installation. Unlike most games, Ship Simulator 2008 can only be installed for one user on a PC. Should another user attempt to run Ship Simulator 2008, the License key enter prompt will appear, and will give the error, "No vaild license key entered" even if the correct license key is entered. Also, Ship Simulator 2008 cannot be installed on more then one computer.


Insert the disc into the CD Drive. You will automatically be asked if you want to Install Ship Simulator 2008. Click Yes. Vista or 7 users may have to go through a security check beforehand. If the message, "Do you want to install Ship Simulator 2008?" does not come up, go to My Computer, right click on Shipsim2008 under removable devices and select "open." Alternatively you can select "open Autoplay."

Once selecting open, click on Autorun. Windows 7 users should right click and select "troubleshoot compatibility" (selecting properties and selecting the compatibility tab will not work,) and follow the instructions on screen.

Safe installation modeEdit

To install safely, (for windows XP only,) follow these steps:

  • Go to the start menu; click on Control Panel
  • Make sure you are in Category view and not Classic view, by clicking on Category view under Pick a Category.
  • Click Add or remove pograms
  • In the dialogue box, click on the CD/FLOPPY button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Finiding your launch applicationEdit

After installation, you must lanuch Ship Simulator 2008 to activate and play it. Sometimes, the launch application may not have been saved onto your desktop. To find and play the game, follow one of these instructions:

Startup wayEdit

  • Click on start
  • Hover the mouse over All Programs and find Ship Simulator 2008
  • Hover over Ship Simulator 2008 and a menu will drop down.
  • Click and drag the top file on the menu bar and put it on your desktop
  • Just to check, the file you dragged onto your desktop should be named Ship Simulator 2008 (or something similar) and have this icon:

Program files wayEdit

  • Please only attempt this way if the startup way does not work.
  • Go to start, My computer and click on the C drive
  • Go to Program Files and find the folder named Vstep. (Or Program Files (x86) on Windows 7)
  • Enter the Vstep folder and click on the folder named ShipSim2008
  • Find the application which says ShipSim2008 and has the following icon:
  • You should be in (just to check:) C:\Program Files\Vstep\ShipSim2008, or in C:\Program Files(x86)\Vstep\ShipSim2008 in Windows 7.
  • Copy or drag the file to your desktop.


Once installed and opened, Ship Simulator 2008 needs a License Key to proove your ownership to the game. You may not play or access any part of the game without entering a License Key. The License Key should be found at the back of the manual which comes with the disc in the CD Case in the XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format. Upon purchasing Ship Simulator, you have a license to a game for ONE USER. This means only one account on your PC may play the game. Ship Simulator cannot install on multiple computers. Downloading a pirate copy of the game will give you an already activated license key and therefore will not work.

Uninstalling and UnregisterationEdit

To uninstall your game from a computer, follow one of these steps. FOR MAXIMUM SATISFACTION, UNREGISTER BY READING BELOW FIRST

Control Panel wayEdit

  • Go to your start menu and select Control Panel
  • Select add or remove programs
  • When the list populates, go to the menu bar on the top right of the window and select Sort by "size"
  • Ship Simulator should be one of the top programs on the list. Select it and uninstall.

Program Access way (Xp)Edit

  • Go to your start menu
  • Click on "Set program access and defaults"
  • When a window comes up, click on the top left option, "Change or remove programs"
  • When the list populates, go to the menu bar on the top right of the window and select Sort by "size"
  • Ship Simulator should be one of the top programs on the list. Select it and uninstall.

Manual WayEdit

  • Go to your start menu
  • Select My Computer
  • Go to your C Drive
  • Go to Program Files (Program Files (x86) in Windows 7
  • Go to Vstep and from there, into ShipSim2008
  • Ignore the files Uninst_000 and Uninst_001, and click on the application which says Uninstall.


If you want to install Ship Simulator 2008 on a new computer, you must unregister before uninstalling so when you install it again, the License Key will work.

There is currently only one way to Unregister

Manual WayEdit

  • Go to Start
  • Click on My Computer
  • Go to Program Files (Program Files (x86) for Windows 7
  • Go to Vstep, ShipSim2008
  • Click on Unregister

Player ModesEdit