SchiffSim2006 2009-01-04 00-04-17

The Harbour Tugboat in SS2006

object type:
Name Unknown
Type Harbour tug
Offered: Ship Simulator 2008, Ship Simulator 2006
Add-on vessel? No.

The Harbour Tugboat from Ship Simulator 2006 was a small blue vessel typical of tugboats found in Hamburg and Rotterdam. The exact same tug made a re-appearance in SS2008.


The Tug was a twin propeller vessel with two rudders. Notable is the absence of a bow thruster which made an appearance on the model in Ship Simulator 2008.


The Ship has a bug in the walkabout feature in Ship Simulator 2008. This has never been fixed, but in multi vessel missions, the deck can be accessed by going into walkabout on another player vessel, and changing to the tug while in walkabout mode.

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