Freedom 90
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Freedom 90 in Game

object type:
Name Freedom 90
Rank meter: Special
Type Hovercraft
Offered: V1.1 Patch, Ship Simulator New Horizons
Add-on vessel? Yes.

The Freedom 90 is a playable vessel in Ship Simulator 2008. She is the only Hovercraft in the Game

First appearanceEdit

Freedom 90 was one of the two vessels added in the V1.1 patch for ship simulator 2008 and appeared further in the Ship Simulator New Horizons add-on and as a result, the Ship Simulator 2008 Collectors edition

Freedom 90 has a top speed of 50 knots. It has a cockpit, which is seen in bridge view. You can also walk around the cabin. she has three engines, two work the two thrust propellers, the other the skirt and bow thrusters. She can be controlled by using the rear mounted rudders or the bow thrusters. There are locations where the Freedom 90 can travel on land; These include the Hoverpads in Southsea and Ryde, and the Phi phi Islands

Freedom 90 in Real LifeEdit

Freedom 90 is a AP1-88/100s Hovercraft, and operates for Hovertravel, on the Southsea-Ryde route. She is 24m long, and 11m wide. She was built in 1989 by the British Hovercraft Corporation. She has a capacity for 100 passengers. She can complete the crossing in 10 minutes.

Freedom 90

The real Freedom 90 in Southsea Hoverpad